“Can I share a story?… I went to Mayo clinic and they said my bone density was so low that I needed to go on medication. I told them, let me attempt to correct it myself before going on medication. I immediately called Rachel. I told her I needed a solution that was going to take me 5 minutes a day and I could do from anywhere as I travel a lot. Rachel researched what combination of modalities and movements would solve my issue. Sure enough, I went back to Mayo months later and my bone density and body alignment are back to where they should be.”

It’s not every day you get a live walk-by testimonial but that is exactly what I got as I sat in Flourish talking with founder, Rachel Bouchard. Pre testimonial I was already questioning how any blog post was going to illustrate the wisdom and intellect spewing from Rachel justice as she walked me around Flourish’s studio. As she talked about corrective biomechanics of movement which may include a gate analysis that looks at one’s posture, how they walk, and their movement, I found myself correcting my own posture. Did you know if you have any eye tracking issues you are likely going to experience balance issues that can be corrected through unilateral work? Me neither.  

Rachel, a former professional dancer, is STOTT certified on mat, reformer, Cadillac, chair and barrels, TRX, Thai Yoga Massage, and Yamuna Body Rolling. Her approach is innovative, teaching a blend of modalities that is grounded in STOTT Pilates. Rachel acknowledges you need to mix in a lot of things, just one thing isn’t good for the body.

As we chatted about fascia and mobility, I began talking notes as if I was back in college minus the tuition. I was enlightened that rolling is just one thing to keeping healthy fascia. Other variables can include: exposure to light (outside light that penetrates cells), vibration, hydration, and bouncing (not jumping; static to the ground lying down or standing so you are anchored to the floor). Many don’t know how beneficial it is to roll your feet before you move or begin a workout. Rolling your feet, which can be done using the HUGH lacrosse ball, awakens fascial lines in the body, releases hamstrings, and invokes musculature response. If you are strengthening one side of the body it does not compensate by releasing the other side. You need to incorporate fascia release and stretching.

Flourish is primarily a Pilates studio that conducts classes on performers (group and private) and mat classes. It also houses acupuncture and message therapy services. Book now.

Matt Steichen